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A few words from our Wonderful Patients

A few Words from our Patients

Happy Patients

After several months of constant nausea from cancer treatments and numerous failed attempts with a variety of meds, a friend suggested acupuncture. Not having any experience with acupuncture, but desperately seeking relief, I decided to give it a try.
I arrived at my first appointment visibly ill and feeling very anxious. Candice greeted me and acted quickly to make me comfortable – physically, emotionally, and mentally. She was very attentive as we went over my medical history and my cancer journey. She listened with understanding and care.
Candice took time answering my questions and expressed a genuine interest in helping me. She was confident acupuncture would help so we decided on the frequency of treatments and moved forward with the plan.
During my treatments, Candice maintained focus on my mind, body, and spirit. Her holistic approach was much needed as the cancer and failed medication attempts had beaten me down. I truly wondered if I would ever get better. Candice’s warm-hearted personality, in-depth experience and her confidence in the treatments comforted me during some very dark times.
With each appointment progress was occurring. The nausea began to ease up and after a series of treatments it subsided completely! I’ll never forget the day I woke up and was no longer sick.
Although my initial emphasis was on the nausea, Candice is now helping restore my taste. Radiation destroyed my taste buds but with the additional acupuncture I’m already experiencing progress.
I’ll be forever grateful to Candice and would encourage others that may be anxious about acupuncture to give it a try… it can be life changing. Janet C.

Facial Acupuncture

Candice knows her stuff! First time receiving facial acupuncture for an old scar. Very excited to do 6 sessions with her. More people should try facial acupuncture for wrinkles and collagen production. Natalie N

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